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Dr. Nitsch has a message for all diabetes patients: “Diabetes can be controlled and prevented. Likewise, if the glucose level is in normal ranges, complications can be prevented and stopped. Yes, the quality of life can be improved. ”

Dr. Alejandro Nitsch Prado is a doctor, surgeon, and researcher, always at the forefront of medical issues and with vast knowledge about the most modern treatments for diabetes mellitus.

Doctor and Surgeon graduated from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, Dr. Alejandro Nitsch Prado decided to deepen his knowledge of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome by completing a master’s degree at the Francisco Marroquín University. The doctor also holds the title of Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider, which endorses him as a connoisseur of standard protocols and products for life-saving first aid and CPR by the American Heart Association. Likewise, he is a basic life support instructor.

He obtained his previous work experience at the Hospital Centro Médico Militar, Hospital Roosevelt, and the Sanatorio Nuestra Señora del Pilar. He currently works at Diabet Centro, in which several medical specialists are dedicated to the detection, prevention, treatment, education, and research of diabetes. Approximately 250 patients are cared for in this institution per month and 90% suffer from diabetes mellitus. One hundred percent of patients in this clinic achieve control of their glycemic levels one month after starting the indicated treatment.

Apart from a multidisciplinary treatment, another factor that influences the high level of success in treating different types of diabetes at Diabet Centro is the execution of effective questioning. This procedure allows the collection of the necessary information from specific questions to the patient and analysis of their medical history. Based on this information, doctors are able to make a diagnosis and establish the most appropriate treatment. Another influential factor is the knowledge that can be transmitted to the patient, for example, about the physiology of diabetes mellitus and its causes, as well as the side effects that can arise from the use of medications.

The medical care provided at Diabet Centro is suitable for children and adults. Patients who come to the clinic can find the necessary tools to treat this disease, such as equipment for monitoring glycated hemoglobin and body weight, advanced ophthalmic consultations (retina and vitreous), and nutritional, laboratory tests, as well as genetic tests for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases. However, the hallmark of this clinic is the knowledge and experience of its professionals, which allows so many patients to control their disease. Dr. Nitsch Prado focuses mainly on how to control diabetes mellitus (type 1 and type 2 diabetes) in each specific case, as well as associated conditions, such as hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, diabetic foot, among others.

I focus on all the positive aspects that can be achieved, instead of focusing on complications that the patient may develop due to the disease. My patients come out positive and empowered about their illness. ”

A characteristic of Dr. Nitsch is his openness to novelty. He constantly informs himself on cutting-edge topics and seeks to contribute his knowledge to the scientific community through publications, both in Spanish and in English. His first publication was “Severe urinary tract infection associated with the use of SGLT2” in the Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala, where he illustrates by means of a case the importance of teaching patients about possible side effects of their medications. Currently, four of his investigations in English are still in the process of being published. Dr. Nitsch Prado’s research work is of utmost importance for the development and updating of medical practices in Guatemala, as well as for offering the best treatments to his patients.

„If a person lives or dies, that is in God’s hands. I am a tool in the hands of God and I put the best of my ability and disposition to help people to heal ”.


Diabet Centro – Diabetes Mellitus Care Clinic, Guatemala City.

COLMEDEGUA (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala)

Im akademischen Bereich

School of Medicine, USAC, 2013

Master in Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Universidad Francisco Marroquín UFM, 2018 to date


Como controlar la diabetes en Guatemala, principios y tratamientos - Dr. Alejandro Nitsch Prado
How to control diabetes in Guatemala, principles and treatments - Dr. Alejandro Nitsch Prado



Severe urinary tract infection associated with i-SGLT2. Report of a Case. Rev. Col Med and Cir. Guat, 07, 2019.