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Diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases
Breast ultrasound
Needle breast biopsy
Open breast biopsy
Conservative breast surgery
Oncoplastic surgery
Sentinel node
Lymphatic mapping
Fibroadenomas resection
Ductal ectasia
Cyst aspiration
Marking of breast lesions
Surgical treatment of breast cancer
Nipple discharge treatment


„The good doctor must treat the disease, but the great doctor treats the patient who has the disease“

Dr. Sergio Ralón is a surgery  specialist in breast diseases graduated from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Showing exceptional ability during his preparation stage, he became chief resident at the General Hospital after 5 years of surgical training. As a consequence of this he obtained a scholarship, which allowed him to travel to the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, and earn a specialization in cancer surgery at highly renowned Tel Aviv Medical Center. Later he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he completed the specialty of Mastology. He also practiced oncological surgery mainly dedicated to breast diseases at Harvard University, United States.

Additionally, he’s the only Guatemalan member  of „The Society of Surgical Oncology of the United States of America“, „The American Society of Breast Surgeons“ and of „The American College of Surgeons“. To enter these famous world societies in relation to breast cancer, you must go through a very specific and careful scrutiny.

His practice at the Breast Diseases Clinic is unique in Guatemala, since it’s dedicated 100% to the treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases. This healthcare discipline is known as mastology. The medical team led by Dr. Sergio Ralón is exclusively focused on treating women with benign and malignant breast problems.

Additionally, his clinic relies on cutting edge ultrasounds to perform complicated diagnoses. This ultrasound, or high sensitivity breast elastography as doctors call it,  makes it possible to differentiate more precisely, when compared to a conventional ultrasound, between a breast cyst, a fibroadenoma or a breast cancer in patients with a mass in the breast.

Dr. Ralón’s team is highly prepared to treat bust conditions. They evaluate more than 50 patients and perform an average of 4 operations weekly, of which 50% are breast cancer. With more than 20 years working in this field, they are among the most experienced teams in Guatemala for the treatment of benign and malignant breast diseases.

Although the causes of breast cancer are not well known, Dr. Ralón has extensive experience in its treatment, being a specialist in the mastectomy procedure. A mastectomy is  the surgery where  the malignant breast tissue is removed. In addition, Dr. Sergio Ralón is especially successful in the detection and removal of „fibroadenomas“ by surgery. These are a type of noncancerous (benign) breast cyst.

Dr. Ralón is aware of the great concern that his patients have when they undergo a procedure on their breasts to cure cancer. He reassures them by stating that breast cancer is a disease that is treatable, is cured in most cases, and has a fairly high rate of control, based on his vast experience. Also, women fear for the aesthetic appearance of their body. That is why so many women trust their specific technique in the sentinel node in breast cancer and oncoplastic surgery, which he has been practicing for 23 years now, providing excellent aesthetic results.

Dr. Ralón knows that most women have a lot of confidence in their gynecologist, as their lifelong doctor, but he advises them to rely on the mastologist surgeon in the setting of a breast condition, who in his role as a breast disease specialist, can provide  a true expert and opinion.

„The best doctor is the one who best inspires the patient in the hope of a cure, relief and solution of their problems.“


Member of the College of Physicians of Guatemala.

Member Association of Surgeons of Guatemala.

President of the Guatemalan Mastology Association, Breast Cancer Prevention.

International Guest Scholar, American College of Surgeons.

Member of the International Society of Surgery.

Corresponding Member, American Society for Oncological Surgery, James Ewing Society.

Fellow American Society of Breast Surgeons.

Fellow American College of surgeons.

Fellow American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Guest Scholar American College of Surgeons Award, 1998

International Guest Scholar, International Federation of Surgical Colleges Award, 2000

Im akademischen Bereich

Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of San Carlos de Guatemala
Physician and Surgeon, 1987

Postgraduate in General Surgery, General Hospital San Juan de Dios, University of
San Carlos de Guatemala, 1987 –1992

General Surgery and Cancer, Ichilov Hospital, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, 1993

Internship in Mastology, National Cancer Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1994

Scholarship from the American College of Surgeons 1998, in the following hospitals:

  1. Oncology Surgery Fellow, Professor Harold Wanebo, Roger Williams medical center, Boston University.
  2. Cancer Surgery Fellow, Professor Kirby Bland, Rhode Island General Hospital, Brown University.
  3. Liver Transplant and Tumor Clinic, Stanford Medical Center, Stanford University.
  4. Advances in cancer management for the Surgeon. Harvard University.
  5. Breast Cancer, current controversies and new horizons, School of Harvard medicine.

Chief of Residents General Surgery, General Hospital San Juan de Dios 1992

Deputy Chief of Adult Surgery, General Hospital San Juan de Dios, 1995 a

Head of Unit First Adult Surgery, General Hospital San Juan de Dios,
2001 to Date.

Surgery Instructor, Boarding School and Surgery Internship, Universidad Francisco

Surgery Professor at Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala.

Volunteer in Tzahal-SarEl, ISRAEL


Enfermedades mamarías y sus procedimientos | Dr. Sergio Ralón
Especialista en enfermedades mamarías | Dr. Sergio Ralón
Dr. Sergio Ralón: Physican and Breast Surgeon



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Newspaper Publications

Each patient is an example of struggle and inspiration to continue in the quest to save life. In the article published by Dr. Sergio Ralón. (October 19, 2020). „El viacrucis del cáncer de mama, su historia en Guatemala y el mundo“ Prensa Libre, explains the difficulties of diagnosing and treating breast cancer in Guatemala and how this disease can be highly treatable with a very high life expectancy if detected in time.