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Dental Implants
Crowns of porcelain or zirconia
Complete and partial removable dentures
Maxillofacial prosthetics
Teeth whitening
Endodontics – root canals
Restorative dentistry
Enamel shaping


Dr. Juan Francisco Alfaro is a specialist in endodontics. Master at saving diseased or deteriorating teeth. It is the goal of all dentists to preserve natural teeth in a healthy state for as long as possible. Your endodontist is the specialist who can remove decay and salvage your oral health, beyond the ability of most ordinary dentists. With two additional years of training in root canal therapy, only about 3% of dentists are specialists in endodontics.

Diagnosing tooth pain can be difficult, as it might stem from various causes. After several years of academic and clinical research in Central America, Mexico, and the United States, Dr. Alfaro is generally regarded as the expert in finding the cause of your pain, understanding the anatomy of your teeth, and planning for the treatment you need. To maintain the greatest percentage of the solid structure of your tooth, Dr. Alfaro uses 3D imaging to assess the damage and make the plan. Specialized microscope imaging assures that your root canal is performed with laser precision, minimal discomfort, and long-lasting reliable results.

When faced with a negligent state of dental care, Dr. Alfaro communicates with his patient about how poor oral health can directly affect the entire body. For example, strep bacteria in the mouth can travel to cartilage and joints. Rheumatic fever can deposit the bacteria in scars causing life-threatening disease. In diabetic patients, infections in dental cavities and roots can be more aggressive and need to be controlled to maintain a consistent treatment plan.

Just like any technology, the quality of dental procedures is advancing at an astonishing rate. Dr. Alfaro’s experience is based on his early award-winning research projects, and continues to this day, as he attends association seminars and educational courses in his field, assure his patients of the most up-to-date standard of excellence.

Even more comforting to the patient is the way he or she is warmly greeted at Dental Design, as an honored guest and new friend. Relax on the sofa, admire the sweeping view of the city and volcanos, and have a nice cup of Guatemalan coffee. The doctor will see you shortly.


Canadian Healthcare Council, Ottawa Canada

  • Certified Status by the Dental Committee, 2017-2018

Agexport, Guatemalan Exporters
TheGuatemalan Association of Exporters

  • Dental Design – Exporter of the year, services sector. Second Place Award
  • Dental Design – „Services Exporter of the Year“ 2nd place award in 2016

On September 22, 2016, Agexport, the Guatemalan Association of Exporters, held a gala ceremony at the Westin Camino Real Hotel to recognize the most respected highly examples of world-class exporters operating in Guatemala today. Read the article

The judges considered the export quality of service providers in various categories including medical care, technology, and sustainable tourism. All of them are outstanding in their contributions to innovation, service excellence, and technology. Dental Design (Dr. Contreras and Dr. Alfaro) won second prize in recognition of their dedication to generating robust trade with domestic and foreign companies or individuals.

American Associacion of Endodontists
International Member

Guatemala Endodontics,Guatemala
City, Guatemala City, Academy of
Endodontics of Guatemala
Active Member

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health
Care (AAAHC)
Fully accredited in the global sector for the practice of dental treatments and procedures.

Costa Rica
Dental Association
Dental Congress, research competition winner – 2nd place

Im akademischen Bereich

Mariano Galvez University,Guatemala City

  • Professor and coordinator of the endodontics course, 1997-2001

Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  • Post-Graduate Studies, 2003

Loma Linda University, California

  • Postgraduate studies, 1999

University of San Carlos, Guatemala City. University of San
Carlos of Guatemala

  • Dentist Surgeon, Degree in Dental Surgery, 1991
  • Professor of Endodontics. Professor of Endodontics, 1995-1996
  • Investigator and project coordinator Conservative dental pulp treatment. Researcher and Project Coordinator: Conservative Treatment of Dental Pulp

National Council of Science and Technology, (CONACYT), Mexico, D.F.

  • National Advisory Board of Science and Technology, Mexico City, Mexico
  • XII National research award in endodontics, Mexico, 1993
  • Researcher, Researcher

University of Guadalajara, Mexico

  • Post-Graduate Course in Endodontics, Postgraduate studies in Endodontics, 1993

Complutense University, Madrid Spain

  • Post-Graduate Course, Post-graduate studies, 1997


Dental Design
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„Guatemala, a destination for health and well being“ Prensa Libre news article featuring Dental Design Guatemala. Published 9th June 2016.


We are Denis and Marie Laurin from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We traveled to Guatemala in 2009 and some friends recommended us to the Dental Design clinic in Guatemala City. We made the appointment from home so it was a very easy process.
When we arrived at the clinic we received a warm welcome from the doctors and its staff, we found a clinic that works with high technology. At the end of the day, we established our next appointments for the next 10 days and they gave us the costs for the next treatment.
We had root channel treatment, a new crown, and a new partial. All the work was done very professionally and the price we agreed on was respected.
We strongly recommend the Dental Design clinic, because we were very satisfied with the work and the treatment we received.
The clinic is located in zone 10 of Guatemala City, a very safe zone, with hotels and restaurants near.

Best regards
Denis et Marie Laurin

I had an excellent experience at Dental Design, very kindly service and excellent work, the best work I can get in Central America right now.
I got some root canal treatments, crowns, cleaning and all of them were excellent. The service I received was a world-class service, and it compares to the best clinics I’ve ever seen in North America.
Absolutely I will come back and recommend Dental Design to everyone from the United States, Canada, or Europe.

Best regards,
Sylvain, Montreal, Oct 2016

My experience at Dental Design was absolutely fantastic, I feel absolutely fantastic when I come here. I had all my teeth removed and I had prosthetics on the lower and upper with implants, it is working very well I can eat whatever I want to.
Absolutely I will recommend Dental Design.

Peter Yates, California, Sept. 2016

Just wanted to thank you again for all you do! We had a really great experience with everything in Guatemala! I have referred you (Guatemala Medical Travel) and the dentists (Dr. Contreras and Dr. Alfaro) to several people already, including my parents, who just may be coming for periodontal cleanings!! After having the first phase of the implants, I’m feeling great! I’m having minimal pain but under control with meds and I slept fine. I’m doing great – All in all, everything is better than expected!

From Jim and Laura, Thornburgh, July 2016

Dental Design is the best dental clinic I have ever been to in my life, the treatments the doctors did to me were more than ok, way beyond good, excellent.
All the personnel of the clinic treated me like a very important person, I got a lot of personal attention which I really appreciated. All the service process is really good, and everything that I needed was done perfectly.
For sure I will recommend Dental Design and I’ll be coming back. Guatemala is a great country and a lot of people are surprised about the sophistication of medical services that are provided.
The process to come here to medical service is easier if you got a coordinator, but the personnel here at the clinic are also very helpful.

Kind regards,
JoAnna, North Carolina, June 2015

Superb care and overall fantastic experience. From my initial outreach to a fairly involved workup, Dr. Alfaro provided superb care. I received staff service from excellently trained and very caring people. I feel very fortunate to have found he and cannot recommend him and his center more highly. This is my new ‚go-to‘ clinic for dental care.

Maria, July 2018