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“In addition to dentists, we are smile designers.”

Dr. Mauricio Jegerlehner understands that many people suffer from low self-esteem due to small, crooked, or poorly restored teeth. And among these people, many do not know that there are new and innovative treatments, which he performs to perfection, in order to restore the comfort of smiling and thus restore the confidence and self-confidence that everyone deserves.

Dr. Mauricio Jegerlehner is a dental surgeon. He is a specialist in dental aesthetics and smiles design and dental veneers. The latter are thin sheets of composite or porcelain that are attached to the tooth on the front, for a better aesthetic appearance.

Each year, Dr. Jegerlehner restores the smiles of hundreds of patients. For the most part, these are patients who are finishing orthodontics, with good dental alignment, but who want to perfect the details. He also sees people who need dentures. This is a custom-designed appliance for a person’s mouth, which replaces one or more teeth that may have been lost or deteriorated over time.

Dr. Jegerlehner uses special equipment, such as the important digital radiography technology. In addition, he performs the diagnosis for the smile design using high-quality photographs, to be used in the Digital Smile Design application (DSD App). In this, they design the smile digitally, to be able to visualize, together with the patient, what they want to achieve with each of the teeth. Additionally, the materials used are of the latest generation: new e-max ceramics and zirconium, which leave a truly natural and highly resistant smile.

Dr. Mauricio Jegerlehner graduated from Mariano Galvez University, School of Dentistry. He then studied a postgraduate degree in prosthesis and jaw problems, called “temporomandibular dysfunction“. Additionally, he has received numerous international courses in Mexico and Colombia in dental esthetics and smile design. He is also an opinion leader for the international brands of dental ceramics “Ivoclar Vivadent” and “Ultradent”. In addition, he was a professor of the course “dental materials” at the Mariano Galvez University.

Conventional dentists focus on filling teeth or aligning them but do not aim for the patient to actually have a perfect smile at the end of their treatment. Dr. Jegerlehner is different. He combines patient health with aesthetics, focusing on the beauty of the smile.

Another highlight is the comfort and biosafety that is handled in the clinic. For this, hydrogen peroxide is used, quaternary ammonium between patients and the clinic is sterilized with ultraviolet light at the end of clinic hours.

The doctor is constantly updating himself by receiving online courses from all over the world, as he considers it to be a modern and easily accessible tool. In addition, he has a great interest in technology and its new trends, travel, and playing golf.

“We look for perfection in each of the things we do, thinking of them as if they were for oneself.”


Stomatological College of Guatemala (CEG)

BNI Guatemala

Director of DUO DENTAL GROUP Guatemala, 2017 – 2018.

Centro Dental de Especialistas Multimédica (CEDESA), 2009 – 2017.

Magno Dental, S.A. Guatemala, 2009 – 2017.

Professor of the International Association of Integral Dentistry of Guatemala AIOI, 2012 – 2015.

Duo dental Group | Dr. Mauricio Jegerlehner

Im akademischen Bereich

Intensive courses on “Diagnosis in Temporomandibular Dysfunction Prof. Rudolf Slavicek” (Austria, Vienna), 2015.

Master’s Degree in Restorative Dentistry with emphasis on function, Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala, 2013 – 2015.

Dental Surgeon with the degree of Bachelor in Stomatology, Universidad Mariano Galvez de Guatemala, 2004 – 2009.


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