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„I’m passionate about dentistry and dental implantology. Every day I want to do what I like. I have a good team that helps me to fill the deficiencies that I have and that makes not only me, but all of us, give a good result „Dr. Juan Sebastián Rodríguez Payeras

Dr. Juan Sebastián Rodríguez Payeras is a dental surgeon. He is a specialist in 3D implantology, which is a dental technique used to solve functional and aesthetic problems through dental implants designed in computers. The doctor works at the San Lucas Dental Center, a multi-professional clinic where the latest techniques and instruments are used for dental treatment. Located in the municipality of San Lucas, Sacatepéquez, it is 12 km from La Antigua Guatemala.

Dr. Rodríguez Payeras has 15 years of experience in dental implantology. This field of dentistry includes the study of any type of implant or dental prosthesis, made of some alloplastic material, whose purpose is dental rehabilitation. Currently, the doctor specializes in the placement of implants using a technology called „CadCam“, which consists of previously designing the implant surgery in a computer. To do this, photographs, videos, and other dental tools are used, such as the tomograph. The dentist meets by Skype with personnel from Israel or the United States, which guides him in the final phase of design development. The doctor performs more than 200 of these procedures per year, although this amount is small compared to other countries. However, the doctor notes that the number of cases increases every year in Guatemala. Dr. Rodríguez has received several courses to prepare for the application of this treatment in countries such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, and other countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The doctor has at his disposal all the „CadCam“ technology and the equipment that complements it in his clinic at the San Lucas Dental Center.

The San Lucas Dental Center, located between Antigua Guatemala, and Guatemala City, went from being a small dental clinic to one of the most modern dental care centers in the country. It has renowned professionals and specialists in different areas of dentistry such as Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. Claudia Julieta Rodas, dentist of children, Dr. Ana Cecilia Cabrera, dentist of adolescents and adults, Dr. Martha Georgina Fonseca, elderly dentist, Dr. Betzy Marilena Portillo, an orthodontist of children, adolescents and adults and Dr. Héctor Licinio Torres, oral and maxillofacial surgeon. In 2016, the dental clinic acquired the international accreditation of Acreditas Global, a subsidiary of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This institution, based in Chicago, authenticates compliance with quality and safety standards and protocols in health centers such as hospitals and ambulatory surgery clinics. Located 12 kilometers from Antigua Guatemala, the Dental Center San Lucas has the support of the AAAHC to offer all types of dental treatment to the patient, both local and foreign. The location is ideal for those who want quality dental care avoiding moving to Guatemala City. This dental clinic has worked socially in favor of nursing homes, such as those of San Lucas and Choacorral Sacatepéquez and of children’s homes in the region. To date, they have implemented 80 Ad honorem dental prostheses.

Although the doctor is a specialist in implantology, he also performs more common and routine procedures such as dental cleaning and dental veneers. Dental veneers are pieces of some material, such as porcelain, and are used to correct aesthetic or pathological problems of the teeth. Among them are: cavities, changes in color or the shape of the teeth, and previous restorations. The dentist applies implantology, denture, or general dentistry treatments with 98% success.

The doctor advises his patients to investigate the treatment they wish to receive and to evaluate the different options in terms of treatments, materials, and doctors. In addition, he believes that empathy and trust between the doctor and the patient are important, so he invites his patients to get to know each other to propose a treatment plan. Believe in the power of communication. Try to live without stress, as well as create new job opportunities in your clinic. He considers himself patient and seeks the best result in each treatment he executes. „Your priority as a professional is quality„.


Dental Association of Studies and Research of National Dentistry, Guatemala.

Odontology Association of Guatemala.

Orthodontics Association of Guatemala.

Credits Global, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.

Member of the Spanish Charitable Association, Guatemala.

Im akademischen Bereich

Dental Surgeon in the degree of Licenciado, University of San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC), Guatemala.

Master in Dental Prostheses and Dental Implants, International University of Catalonia (UIC), Spain.

Diploma, 3D Implantology, Designed and Manufactured by Computer (CAD / CAM). National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico.

Homologation of the title as Dentist in Spain, University of Murcia (UM), Spain.

Founder Professor of the Specialty of Oral Rehabilitation, University of San Carlos de Guatemala.

Scientific Director of the Periodic Graphic Dentistry.

Founder and Professor of the postgraduate course in Prosthodontics with emphasis on Dental Aesthetics;

Galileo University, Guatemala.

Undergraduate Instructor of the Faculty of Dentistry, International University of Catalonia, Spain.



Scientific Director of the Graphic Dentistry Paper.

Charity, den öffentlichen Dienst, Spenden

He has worked socially in favor of nursing homes, such as those in San Lucas and Choacorral Sacatepéquez and children’s homes in the region. To date, they have implemented 80 Ad honorem dental prostheses.