Bach Flowers: How they work and their benefits for stress management

Effectiveness of Bach Flower therapy in emotional and energetic balance

Bach Flowers: How they work and what benefits they provide for stress management.

Bach Flower Therapy is a beautiful emotional and energetic balancing therapy, it is one of the oldest therapies with which I work, in fact, it is the therapy with which I started my alternative and natural, medicine path.

To tell you, I personally experienced them more than 10 years ago, during my Bach Flower Level 1 training, it was a very interesting experience of facing my mental patterns, self-knowledge, and self-healing, at that time I was coming out of my western medicine career with chronic fatigue, I had a hard time managing my patience, I felt frustration and fear, I felt that there was something missing in my life and in my knowledge of western medicine, there was something that did not click. Why am I being a doctor, not knowing how to heal myself? Why didn’t I know how to recognize my emotions and balance them? These were some of the questions I didn’t know how to answer, therefore I wanted to know integral therapies that worked with the physical and emotional body. Bach Flower Essences were an excellent discovery; I managed to balance myself, I managed to accept myself more as I am, I learned to better manage my emotions and I managed to do a deep work of self-knowledge, I learned to use them daily and to prescribe them to my patients to support them on their path of self-healing and self-discovery.

Bach Flower Remedies work

How does Bach Flowers Therapy work?

They are a very subtle and energetic therapy, they act by unblocking layer by layer of our mental and emotional programming. But how so? Believe me, at first I was a bit skeptical too and as I told you, I first had to experience them myself and at the same time, I studied them, and learned that Dr. Edward Bach (the creator of the Bach Flowers system in 1930) had studied more than 1,500 flowers in the search to find flowers with healing properties that would support the unresolved emotional balance of his patients with physical ailments. Early one morning, walking through a dewy field, it occurred to him that each dewdrop, warmed by the sun, takes on the healing properties of the plant it was on. This led him to develop the method of preparing 38 flower essences to support us with our emotional healing, one of these 38 flower essences is a mother tincture that is the only mixture that is useful for emergency situations, Rescue Remedy.

In my daily practice of working with Bach Flower Essences, I have been able to see the way they work, as they are natural floral energy, they work a lot at the level of feminine energy, soft, subtle, and emotional energy, they connect us with our heart, unblock and help us to heal layer by layer until we reach the root, in search of reconnecting with our true essence.

Consequently, they support us in releasing the emotional part to heal the physical part, prevent and combat diseases, imbalances, or stress in our self-healing process.

Where do they work?

They work at the energetic level, at the level where the person needs it, specifically on the conflicting emotional condition that the person needs to heal. Therefore, for each person, the effect will be different. For example, a person with a lot of stress may benefit from 2 or more totally different florals than another person.

How can unworked emotions create stress?

Stress for functional medicine is any situation, emotion, or symptom that creates imbalance or disharmony at a physical or mental level, remember that everything is energy and everything is vibration and therefore our emotions have a vibration that resonates or not with our natural harmony, the emotions we call „negative“, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness, anger, impatience, have a specific vibration, which if not harmonized produces disharmony; Therefore, under this explanation, we can analyze and understand that Bach flowers being 100% natural bring a harmonious vibration and by finding the energetic match with the unresolved emotion will help to harmonize, unblock and return to balance.

How can unworked emotions can create stress? Bach Flower Therapy | Dr. Rivers

How do we know if we have stress?

Many people think that stress is only related to work, not really, as I mentioned before it is anything that takes us out of our center, it can be our personal relationships, family or personal problems of any kind that we find difficult to process on a daily basis.

What symptoms or signs might indicate poor stress management?

  • Binge eating
  • insomnia
  • tiredness 
  • emotional reactivity
  • frequent anger
  • repetitive thoughts
  • poor digestion (reflux, diarrhea, and/or constipation)
  • skin diseases
  • hair loss
  • constant anxiety
  • pain in the body
  • fear
  • recurrent cases of flu
Benefits of Bach flower remedies.

What are the benefits for stress management?

  • They produce a feeling of well-being
  • They produce tranquility
  • They calm the mind
  • We feel more motivation and joy in life.
  • They guide us on the path to self-healing
  • They support us in balancing our daily emotions
  • Heal the soul

Bach Flowers are taken in drops, 4 drops of the custom blend are prescribed 3 to 4 times a day for 21 days.

Personally, I recommend them as a unique or complementary treatment with other holistic stress management therapies, I am convinced that to work our physical body we must work our emotional body. The first step is to recognize our emotions and patterns, it is not normal to be reactive on a daily basis, we deserve to feel peace, joy, and motivation. All human beings experience imbalances in our emotions and Bach Flower remedies are an excellent accompaniment in our day-to-day, emergency situations, or everyday life.

How do we know if we are living a life in balance with our purpose and with nature?

If we lead a balanced life, we will feel joyful and energetic, we will be able to rest at night, we will nourish ourselves with healthy and natural foods for our constitution, we will keep our emotions under control despite the discouragements of life, we will have good digestion and we will feel motivated by life.

Transforming our negative emotions into positive ones is the work that will help us to prevent energetic blockages in our body day by day and Bach Flower remedies are an excellent tool to start this process.

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