Mastology: Specialist in breast diseases in Guatemala

Whom do I go to from all the specialists if I have a breast disease?

Breast diseases are disorders that can become benign or malignant. Some of the most common symptoms are: breast pain, nipple discharge or the appearance of a palpable mass or lump, among others.

If you present some of these symptoms go to an expert immediately, as this will allow you to treat the breast disease in time. 

You are probably asking yourself: who should I approach to treat this type of illness? That’s why in this article we tell you all about the doctor who specializes in breast diseases. 

Who do I go to from all the specialists if I have a breast disease?

This is a frequent question that every woman asks herself when suffering from it.  Although your gynecologist has practically become your family doctor and you can trust him or her to answer any medical questions, it is not precisely the gynecologist or the internist, much less the pediatrician, who should solve this type of problem.

There is a specialty known as „Mastology“ or „Senology“ and in the United States of America and the United Kingdom it is known as „Breast Surgeon„.

In the majority of countries with a more developed medicine than in Guatemala, the specialist doctor who directs this specialty is a Surgeon or Oncological Surgeon who after his specialties performed exclusively the Breast Surgery specialty (Breast Surgeon) is not a Gynecologist, he is not a Clinical Oncologist or a Hematologist.

So if you have any kind of ailment, it is recommended that you go to a specialist in Mastology or Senology.

How to recognize a specialist in breast diseases?

First, you must be a specialist with the title of Surgeon and who has carried out exclusive studies of Mammary Disease.

If the doctor that you frequent also treats pregnancies, cancer, or ovarian cysts, he performs hysterectomies probably is not the right doctor to treat your breast disease. 

Likewise, if your doctor’s practice includes treating neck tumors, colon cancer, gallbladder operations, hernias, or thyroids, in the same way, he is not the right specialist to treat you.

It is important for you to know that nowadays there are multiple scientific studies that have shown that women treated by doctors 100% dedicated in their practice to treating breast diseases make the chances of successfully coming out of a disease like breast cancer higher. 

Survival and local recurrence rates are better if you are treated by a doctor dedicated to Breast Diseases

Types of breast diseases:

Some of the most common breast diseases are:

Fibrocystic breast disease


Brreast microcalcifications


Breast Cance

What are the main risk factors for developing breast cancer?



History of high-risk injuries

Genetic predisposition



Family History

Combined hormone replacement therapy, uninterrupted for more than five years


Overweight and obesity

Remember that you should self-examine your breasts; doing so will allow you to notice the shape, size, lumps, discharge, swelling, or any other expression that is unrelated to the appearance of healthy breasts. 

If you have any symptoms or doubts, do not hesitate to consult our specialist by clicking here

Your health will always be a priority!

Mastología - Enfermedades Mamarias | Dr. Sergio Ralón

Dr. Sergio Ralón Carranza
Specialist in Mastology

Diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, breast ultrasound, mastectomy.


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