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    Clinicas Sur #15, 3r nivel
    6a Avenida 8-71, zona 10
    Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala, Centroamérica
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Doctor's Profile

Dr. Edgar Lopez is an internationally recognized physician who provides all-encompassing care for his patients, by coordinating with a select group of specialists to achieve the best possible results, while minimizing costs and complications. He has more than 25 years of experience in diagnosing, evaluating and treating patients with routine health needs, chronic illness, or the complex presentation of tropical diseases. Dr. Lopez has perfected a keen eye and sharp sense for detecting and discovering the underlying causes of many of today’s most challenging medical problems.

Patients come to him for specialized expert attention when there is not a clear underlaying cause of their illness, and their previous doctors seem unsure. Others patients have chronic illness with long-term treatment plans that require regular monitoring. Dr. Lopez uses the latest technology in diagnostic imaging and laboratory reporting to pinpoint the problem, then to determine the correct and appropriate treatment regimen.

Dr. Lopez provides “whole patient” care solutions, as the primary care doctor in charge of orchestrating collaborative efforts of several specialists in complex individual cases. For exams and consultations, or intensive treatment plans, his staff is always on call, placing patient care as their highest priority.

Medical, academic, and charity organizations depend on the wisdom, skills and generosity of Dr. Lopez, which he provides without fail, in Guatemala City and throughout the world. As medical director of the University Hospital, HUE – Esperanza, he has guided the hearts and minds of a generation of bright and inquisitive young doctors to be the best they possibly can, for their patients and for society.

When Dr. Lopez worked with the Universidad de Francisco Marroquin (UFM) Medical School, he initiated a high-level academic and professional international relationship with the Ochsner Clinic Foundation of Louisiana to encourage Guatemalan medical students to do their elective rotations in their chosen specialty for a period of up to two months in the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans.

In February of 2016, Dr. Edgar Lopez was named Dean of the School of Health Sciences at Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala City. In this new position, Dr. Lopez can expand his influence on the students and academic organizations to positively impact the medical and social trajectory of Guatemala.

Dr. Lopez encourages everyone to get a comprehensive check-up every year. The doctor says, “Having peace of mind, low stress and good medical advice is the first step to assuring long-term health and happiness for you and the people you love.”

Among his peers in Guatemala and abroad, Dr. Lopez is highly regarded for his clear thinking, dedication to quality, and his perseverance, to give his patients the honest answer and genuine human warmth that they deserve.

Professional Affiliations

Universdidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala City

American College of Physicians Colegio Americano de Médicos

  • Active Member. Miembro Activo

American College of Chest Physicians Colegio Americano de Médicos de Tórax

  • Active Member Miembro Activo

American Medical Association – AMA Asociación Americana de Médicos

  • Active Member. Miembro Activo

American Society for Critical Care Medicine – SCCM. Sociedad Americana de Medicina Critica

  • Active Member Miembro Activo

Asociación de Alumnos de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Alumni Association of the UFM Medical School, Guatemala City

  • Miembro Activo. Active Member

Asociación Panameña para la Prevención y Tratamiento de la Obesidad – APPTO. Panamanian Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity

  • Miembro Activo desde 1999. Active Member since 1999

 Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Westin Florida, and Ohio, USA

  • International Affiliate Physician Program. Programa de Medicos Socios Internacionales

Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos, Ciudad de Guatemala.
Guatemalan Association of Surgeons, Guatemala City

  • Miembro Activo desde 2000. Active Member, 2000 to present

Hospital Universitario Esperanza, Ciudad de Guatemala. University Teaching Hospital.

  • Director medical, 1999-2016. Medical Director 1999 to 2016
  • Jefe de Post Grado Estudios Chief of Post-graduate Studies in Internal Medicine, 1995-2016
  • Secretario del Comite de Eticas Secretary of the Ethics Committee, 2005-1016

Hospital Privado “Quetzaltenango”

  • Miembro Honorario

Ohio State Medical Association Asociación Médica del Estado de Ohio

  • Licensed by the state medical board

The Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio – AMCNO

  • Active Member. Miembro Activo

Universidad de Francisco Marroquín, Facultad de Medicina. University Medical School

  • Secretario de la Junta Directiva. Secretary of the Board of Directors, 2001 – present

Academic Affiliations

Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland, Ohio, USA

  • Doctorate in Critical Care and Intensive Care.
  • Especialidad de medicina crítica y cuidados intensivos
  • With Honors: Cleveland Clinic Foundation International Scholar

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

  • Internal Medicine Medicina Interna
  • With Honors: “Fernando Biguria” award. El doctor se graduó con honores.

Universidad de Francisco Marroquin, Medical School, Guatemala City, Guatemala

  • Médico y Cirujano en grado de Licenciado. UFM Medical School, Medical Doctor



Dr. Lopez has written innumerable magazine articles and newspaper columns, and he is also the advisor and reviewer of the doctoral theses of medical students.

Introducción a la Practica Hospitalaria Introduction to the Hospital Practice.  by López, Edgar, M.D.

  • Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Francisco Marroquín, First Edition, 1998

Manual para Consulta Rápida de la Unidad de Cuidado Intensivo

Manual of Quick Consult of the Intensive Care Unit.  by López, Edgar, M.D.

  • Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Francisco Marroquín, 2001. Medical School of the Francisco Marroquín University, 2001

Introducción a la Practica Hospitalaria Introduction to the Hospital Practice.  by López, Edgar, M.D.

  • Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Second Edition, 2006

Special Interests

Dr. Lopez stays up to date on the latest diagnostics and treatments by reading medical publications such as The Lancet, Harvard Medical Review, Journal of the Americn Medical Association (JAMA), The American Journal of Medicine and The New England Journal of Medicine.


Dr. Lopez is a man of discipline and integrity, devoted to his family, faith and the practice of medicine.

Victor N., Plano, Texas

In my family, we feel privileged to have Dr. Lopez not only as our family doctor, but as our honored and close friend.

Colleen S., Scottsdale, Arizona

Acknowledgements of Dr. Lopez’ professional expertise is evident in Central America, South America, North America and Europe, by universities, hospitals and his colleagues for his achievements in the field of medicine and education.

Sandra R., Chicago, Illinois


I can only imagine that I hurt my back 30 years ago while doing a navy divers course. In my spine, I have a lumbar vertebra which is crushed, or still being crushed by disks both above and below. I realized later that the bones and the nerves to my legs were being attacked by some bacteria.

After five months of deterioration, my daughter came to visit me and immediately called Guatemala Medical Travel. Lori gave her directions to take me to Guatemala City and she met us at the hospital with Dr. Lopez already informed about my situation.

After five days of intensive care and seven days of further hospitalization, with several visits every day from Dr. Lopez I went to stay at the Guatemala Medical travel guest house in Antigua. Here, I was visited twice daily by a nurse for intravenous antibiotic medication and saw Dr. Lopez regularly for follow up. For two months, I was either unable to walk or barely getting around.

I’ve been back on my boat for some months and getting better slowly. I’m walking again now but it still might be some time before I can go sailing again, but without Lori and Dr. Edgar Lopez, I might not be writing to you.

JPB, Rio Dulce, Guatemala, October 2013

Those of us who know Dr. Lopez personally are privileged to know a fine gentleman in the pursuit of excellence.

Thomas H., Poughkeepsie, New York

I just thought I’d drop you a note to say “Hi”. I can see Dr. Edgar Lopez’s picture in the Central America email. I’m so glad you took me to him. He has saved my life twice, the first being when you took me to emergency with pneumonia, and the second, I think the following year, with sepsis. This is the first year since I’ve been in Guatemala that I haven’t been in the hospital with Dr. Lopez attending.

Please tell him how much I appreciate having him as my doctor.

P.H. from Pennsylvania, 2017

Peer Reviews From Other Doctors

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Charity, Public Service, Donations

Dr. Edgar López believes in healthcare for all and has freely donated his time and many talents to charitable and social service programs. He is directly helping the less fortunate among the population to improve their living conditions, thus contributing to the economic, social and educational development of the country.

Operation Smile – Medical Missions in Guatemala since 2011

  • Director de Servicios Medicos

Operation Smile is an international surgical mission operating from Hospital Esperanza in Guatemala City. They provide cleft palate and other surgeries, and hold weekly clinics providing dental, oral hygiene, psychology and speech therapy services. In the past four years, Operation Smile has provided reconstructive surgery to more than 600 patients in Guatemala.

Fundacion Sor Cecilia CharrinSisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul

  • Director

The Museum opened its doors in July 2005, to display the relics which tell the history of the Daughters of Charity in this country. The foundation is named after Sister Cecilia Charrin, a French nun who lived for many years in Guatemala and worked mainly for the poor.

Fundacion Chusita Llerandi de Herrera

  • Director

This is a non-profit foundation created in 1973 by Dr. Rodolfo Herrera Llerandi, in honor of his beloved mother, to contribute to improving the health of all Guatemalans.

Patient Success Stories

Dr. Lopez goes to extraordinary measures to make sure his patients have the very best attention and treatment. The following excerpts are an illustration of the results of his exceptional skill and compassionate care. Many patients that previously had difficulty, and were either misdiagnosed or insufficiently treated, were able to finally be restored to good health.

CASE #1:

A 35-year-old female patient with a history of physical abuse presented with multiple contusions about the head and torso. The CT scan revealed multiple intracranial hematomas (bleeding around the brain). The patient was intubated and stabilized when her fever spiked, and a cerebral herniation appeared. They performed an emergency craniectomy for a subdural hematoma, and a right temporal lobectomy to relive the pressure. With Dr. Lopez directing critical care, emergency surgery, and precise recovery instructions, the patient was fully recovered in three weeks, grateful for her superior medical attention.


CASE #2:

A 39-year-old patient consulted with Dr. Lopez about her urinary tract infection, together with body pain, high fever, and general malaise. She has a rash on her arms, chest and stomach, with pain, tingling and stinging sensations increasing. A neurological exam revealed weakness in her arms and legs. Dr Lopez determines a diagnosis is polyradiculopathy, as she is suffering from damage to multiple nerve roots, with indications of Guillain Barre syndrome. He orders immunoglobulin therapy and the patient is scheduled for a tracheostomy and gastrostomy, to improve her breathing and caloric intake.

The patient improves under hospital care and is released to a specialized care center. Dr. Lopez continues to supervise her case even after fully recovery and return to her normal life.


CASE # 3:

An 18-year-old patient came to the emergency room complaining of an excruciating headache for the past eight hours. The patient says the pain came suddenly and was the worst of his life, with a pain level of 10/10. The imaging report, a computerized angiotomography (CT scan for blood flow) shows a posterior cerebral artery aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhage. Dr. Lopez orders that the patient should have immediate surgery to clip off the aneurysm.

The surgery is a complete success and the patient recovers normally, under the careful attention of Dr. Lopez. Since the patient had no neurological problems after one week, he is discharged home with a promise to return for regular follow up.