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Procedures and Treatments:

Aesthetic gynecology
Digital Video Colposcopy, high-resolution
Early detection, and treatment of Cancer
Gynecological Cancer Prevention
High-Risk Pregnancy
Innovative Laser Gynecology
Lasers – Diode, Fractional and CO2
Laser Surgery
Laser Ablation Procedures
Laser treatment of vaginal atrophy
LLETZ - Large Loop Excision Transformation Zone
Lower genital tract illnesses
Post-partum esthetic recuperation
Pre-natal control and Monitoring
Pre-malignant Lesions, biopsy
Regenerative Medicine – Stem cells
Treatment of Menopause
Treatment of Vaginal Atrophy
Ultrasound 3-D and 4-D in High-Definition
Urinary incontinence
Vaginal tightening (Lifting)
Vaginoplasty – Rejuvenation by laser

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Stuardo Irungaray is a gynecologist and obstetrician who specializes in innovative high-tech procedures for the comfort and safety of women planning for healthy childbirth, vaginal rejuvenation and all aspects of female reproductive health. Since 1996, he has served his patients with the most innovative, reliable and successful gynecological treatments available.

Dr. Irungaray has used laser technology to perform various procedures in his clinic since 2014, as it is most effective and non-invasive, with the best chance of successful outcomes. Diode or fractional CO2 laser is used to treat problems with the vagina, cervix or uterus, to eliminate per-cancerous lesions, or to increase sexual pleasure. This almost pain free procedure is done under local anesthesia and through small incisions, which lowers the risk of complications and ensures faster recovery. A patient can resume normal activities within a few days instead of weeks.

Cancer prevention and early detection are serious issues that the doctor addresses with all of his patients. High-resolution digital colposcopy is the diagnostic procedure that Dr. Irungaray depends on to detect abnormal cells that could be pre-cancerous. If you have an abnormal Papanicolaou (Pap) test, or a history of HPV, a colposcopy is always recommended, to take a closer look. Some women suffer no symptoms at first, but the Doctor’s advice is: “You should come in for an exam when you have the slightest suspicion. All problems are easier to treat when detected early and stopped, before there is a big problem.”

Bio-regenerative medicine refers to the newly-developed methods of using stem cells and plasma rich platelets, produced naturally in your own body, to recover youth and vitality, in cases of vaginal atrophy for example. In the field of obstetrics and gynecology, pluripotent stem cells play a vital role in fertilization and embryonic development. Through stem cell technology, doctors and scientists are regenerating aged or damaged tissues in the reproductive organs and lower urinary tract, thus enabling faster and more efficient healing.

Pre-natal care is the first expression of love of a mother for her baby. She regards having regular check-ups and following the doctor’s advice as the best way to assure having a healthy baby to full term (37-40 weeks). Expectant families trust Dr. Irungaray’s specialized equipment and extensive experience to know that their baby is developing in the best possible way, with no abnormalities or harm to either fetus or the mother. Dr. Irungaray will review the laboratory exams and evaluate regularly with 4-D Ultrasound imaging, to look for signs of infection, malformations or hypertension, all of which could negatively impact the fetal development.

Dr. Irungaray also offers a post-partum recuperation program. Many changes occur to a woman’s body during childbirth, so it is important to recover your trim mid-section, eliminate loose skin, and tighten the vaginal floor. In the clinic, they offer procedures to improve the negative effects of stretch marks, facial discoloration and varicose veins.

Women are the caregivers. They are the heart, the substance, and the future of your family. Dr. Stuardo Irungaray returns that care in the form of modern innovative medical attention to assure your family’s health, and happiness.

Professional Affiliations

Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos de Guatemala

Academic Affiliations

Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

  • Médico y Cirujano
  • Especialidad en Ginecología y Obstétrica

Instituto Cancerología de México, México D.F.

  • Sub-Especialidad en Ultrasonido Ginecológico y Obstétrico
  • Colposcopia y Lesiones Tempranas de Cáncer de Cérvix