Buying Insurance is No Guarantee

Mrs. B normally enjoys good coverage from her medical insurance in California, but when she experienced astounding life-enhancing results with naturopathic medical specialists, her insurance company refused to pay.

During the course of various medical procedures and consultations in Guatemala, Mrs. B. was moved to tears by the brilliance and compassion of her medical team. The Guatemala Medical Travel staff pulled it all together seamlessly from contact and preparation to on-the-ground logistics, to the follow-up reporting for her doctors back home.

For starters, thank you all for your efforts and attention to Sherry’s medical needs. We learned so much and came away with more than we had hoped.  Great personal and medical attention and enough information to start our own liver clinic! You really impacted her life in a positive way. She was almost defeated because the “best medical system” in the world turned their backs on her.  

As for Megan’s work… Well, we could not be happier having had her as Sherry’s nurse. We’re just ever so happy to have made the trip and had the opportunity to make new friends – and get some awesome medical care. 

… THANK YOU! Your sincere and compassionate help was more than we could have asked for and it meant the world to Sherry. She is such a caring and compassionate soul – she needed exactly the attention you provided. Please know that your efforts will continue to have a tremendously positive effect on her, and me, as we go forward. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  

As we go forward we’ll send periodic updates. Until then, thank you all again for everything and we hope to see you in the future – hopefully under different circumstances. There will always be a place for you to stay in Sacramento.  Our Love and Gratitude to All. 

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