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Procedures and Treatments:

Energetic Therapy (Bach Florals and Sound Therapy)
Digestive Problems
Sleep Disorders
Stress Management and Stress Relief
Habit Change
Eating Improvement
Emotional Balance
Cellular Detoxification
Energy Balance
Therapeutic Abdominal Massage
Relaxation with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs
Medicinal Plants Therapy
Ayurvedic Massage
Rejuvenation Therapies
Health Coaching

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“For integrative medicine, the first thing is to understand who we are and what is the best for us. From those, we can make decisions that balance our mind, body, and emotions.”

Dr. Mariale Rivers is a specialist in Ayurveda, Integrative and Holistic Medicine (Alternative Medicine). In 2009, she obtained her degree as a Physician and Surgeon at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, but then she started her way towards a more integral and holistic medicine to offer her patients customized and natural medicine. She has worked in her private clinic “Dr. Mariale Rivers” with programs of functional nutrition, health coaching, stress management, vibrational medicine, and abdominal massages with the objective of balancing the vital energy, unifying the knowledge of modern and ancestral medicine.

With her continuous pursuit, she found Ayurvedic medicine, in which she specialized in India at Gujurat Ayurvedic University, with a special focus on detoxification of the body (Panchakarma). She continued her trajectory in medicinal plants, vibrational medicine, energetic medicine, and now in Chinese medicine seeking the integration and understanding of ancestral medicines. This is how she currently complements herself with sound healing therapy and acupuncture.

Dr. Mariale is considered a holistic doctor with a preventive approach and works on body, mind, and spirit. In the clinic, she has a personalized medicine cabinet with her own natural medicines and tinctures. Some are brought from all over the world and others are elaborated by herself. Additionally, she has a portable sauna that she uses after Ayurveda massages with hot oils. For energetic medicine, she has specialized equipment of Tibetan singing bowls, Gong, and electro-acupuncture. 

During her practice at the Ayurveda hospital in Gujurat, Dr. Rivers first applied all treatments on herself to personally check that they will work. With this empirical testing, she knows what is really effective, in terms of the treatments she offers. She is a bridge between ancient and modern medicine, using for example the stethoscope to check her patients and the tongue and pulse reading methods of Ayurveda. What distinguishes Dr. Mariale Rivers is that she has several tools to customize her patients’ treatments according to their imbalances, giving them what they need from integrative medicine and herbal medicine. In addition, in order to make a diagnosis, she first does a thorough investigation of her patient’s health issues, from childhood to the present.

Her medical practice is based on seeing the patient in an integral and holistic way, as a complete universe. The primary step to begin treatment is to find the root of a person’s imbalances. In this way, it will be possible to eradicate the underlying conditions and not only treat their symptoms.

The mind must also be cleansed, just as we cleanse the body daily. Immunity is built with nutrition, stress management, detoxification of the body, and natural medicine. Ayurveda medicine seeks to prevent diseases that may become more serious in the future. 

The philosophy of life preached by Dr. Mariale Rivers is based on living an authentic, peaceful, and happy life. To achieve this, we must understand our nature, who we are, and then we will be able to have a clearer understanding of what our soul wants to achieve in this life.

Furthermore, her desire is to empower her patients in terms of their health. She provides guidance and tools for healthy eating, improving mental health, and lifestyle.

Dr. Rivers offers online and face-to-face consultations in her private clinic, complemented by her natural medicine apothecary, Atma Apothecary. She offers health coaching programs, Ayurveda therapies and medicine, sound healing, Bach Flower remedies, natural cosmetic treatments, and herbal medicine specific to each individual.

“Alternative and conventional medicine is a perfect complement. Alternative medicine is preventive and improves the patient’s current health, and conventional medicine is more used to treat the symptoms of the disease.”

Professional Affiliations

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala (COLMEDEGUA). 

Ayurveda Teacher, Sound Healing Therapist in Permaculture Course for Herbalists in Lake Atitlan.

Director of Herbal Emergency Clinic, Envision. Uvita, Costa Rica, 2020. 

Ayurveda Board Review.

Personalized Medicine.

Academic Affiliations

Permaculture for herbalists, 2021.

Acupuncture at INGTA, 2021.

Chineistang Therapist, Thailand, 2019.

Sound Healer, professional level with IASH, Academy of Sound Healing by Integrative Vibrational Therapist, Pure Nature Yoga, Thailand, 2019.

Masters in Ayurveda and Panchakarma, India, Gujurat Ayurvedic University, private clinical training Dr.Nikhil, Pune, 2016.

Traditional Yoga at Patanjali Yoga Institute, Gujurat India, 2016.

Beauty and Natural Cosmetics course, Ayurveda, Kerala, India, 2016.

Vedic Astrology at Gujurat India, 2016.

Exo/ Eso Mentor, specializing in physical, emotional and mental body mastering, 2015.

Master in Administration, Commerce and Distribution.

Professional Feng Shui Consultant.

Specialized in Functional Nutrition, FDN, 2013.

Health Coaching, INN

Specialized in Naturopathic Biological Medicine, Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy, Miguel de Cervantes University. 2012.

World Practitioner of Bach Flowers, Quinfica, 2012.

Certified in Kinesiology, level 2, 2011.

Specialized in Platelet Rich Plasma, USA, 2011.

Ophthalmology Residency, Roosevelt Hospital (1 year). 2010

Physician and Surgeon, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, 2009.


Lecturer in Ayurveda and Immunity during the pandemic.

Lecturer in Ayurveda Day by the Embassy of India in Guatemala.

Lecturer in New Narrative on Healthy Body.

Invited Doctor, Anthropology course, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala.

Invited lecturer at the New Narrative Open, theme: Body, Guatemala, Guatemala.

Invited lecturer at Wellness Weekend. Antigua, Guatemala.


Dra. Mariale Rivers | Specialist in Ayurveda, Natural and Integral Medicine
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Ayurvedic and Natural Medicine | Dr. Mariale Rivers
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Weight Loss and Body Detox with Ayurveda, By Dr. Mariale Rivers, Central America Doctors, February 2022.

Bach Flowers: How they work and their benefits for stress management, By Dr. Mariale Rivers, Central America Doctors, October 2021.

How Ayurveda can help you maintain balanced nutrition, By Dr. Mariale Rivers, Central America Doctors, August 2021.

Writer of articles on Ayurveda in Pure Magazine, Guatemala. Guatemala, Guatemala.

Writer of the Forward of the Book Healthy Living for Special Needs, Guatemala, Guatemala.

Writer of articles in CO2, Carbon Management. Guatemala, Guatemala.

Special Interests

Tap and Modern Dance


“I sleep better, my digestion has improved immensely, I feel calmer, my mind is more relaxed, I breathe better. I meditate more. I feel happy with myself.”

Geraldine C.

“I do recommend Dr. Rivers because she definitely has a high level of respect, knowledge, integration of knowledge and elevates in any of the ways any of us. If we are able to pay to buy things that burn fat to (lose weight) in exchange for taking whatever, damage organs, well it is much more important to heal the emotional, bodily and spiritual items.”

Lucas D.

“I came intoxicated with chemical medications, with chemical and physical imbalance. During the process, with natural medicine, I was able to find balance and regain control of my life.”

Marcela G.

“Dr. Rivers taught me to know myself, to find myself, to understand that I can find healing in myself.”

Evangelina C.

“I do recommend Dr. Rivers because she is a guide to sort out feelings and know how to identify what you need to treat and focus on it. She is an excellent doctor and is a good guide to natural therapies.”

Heiseel T.

“I loved all the therapies, they helped me with all the symptoms I had from the first session, it made me more aware of what my body is asking for and what I need to improve myself. From internal as well as

Claudia C. 

“I really liked how the treatment was in a holistic way and how human she is as a person. Super grateful.”


Charity, Public Service, Donations

Dr. Mariale Rivers has worked with indigenous women in Lake Atitlán teaching massage courses. Dr. Rivers trained and guided the health center of San Marcos la Laguna with medicinal plant treatments. She also worked with low-income patients, providing appointments at a minimal cost.