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Advanced laparoscopic surgery
Anti- reflux surgery
Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
Cancer of the digestive tract
Diabetes Surgery
Diverticular Disease
Esophageal Surgery, Routine and Complex
Gall Bladder - stones
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric By-pass
Hernia Repair
Laparoscopic colectomy
Metabolic Procedures
Morbidly obese patients
Obesity Surgery
Severe Gastric Reflux
Stomach Surgery
Surgery for Diabetes type 2
Surgical endoscopy
Weight Loss surgery

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Estuardo Behrens, founder of the New Life Center for Comprehensive Metabolism and Obesity Treatment in Guatemala, is a globally-respected surgeon, and a medical instructor who has trained hundreds of young surgeons around the world in gastric procedures and advanced video laparoscopic surgery. Since beginning his practice in the 1980’s, Dr. Behrens has performed over 4000 gastric surgeries, 60% of which are to treat obesity. Patients from Guatemala, and from several other countries in Europe and North America, have come to the New Life Center to find the weight-loss success they always dreamed of.

As a young man, Dr. Behrens has always felt the calling to help others, which led him to a career in medicine. These days, in his third decade of providing life-changing and life-saving surgeries for thousands of patients, Dr. Behrens devotes several weeks per year to making presentations at medical symposia and workshops worldwide. His unique experience and outstanding success rates are the tools that will guide and instruct the young doctors of today, entering a new generation of medical capabilities.

New Life Center is a center of excellence for weight-loss surgery, offering the best options for a healthy lifestyle at the ideal weight. They opened in Guatemala City in 2000, in two locations: Hospital Herrera Llerandi and the Hospital Las Americas. They provide medical technology to the highest global standards, as well as personal attention in accommodations, emotional support and long-term assistance.

  • Behrens is an expert in advanced video laparoscopic surgery, to assure superior accuracy during the procedure, less pain for the patient, and faster healing time to resume daily activities.
  • Comprehensive care includes consultations and advice from specialists in cardiology, nutrition, pneumology, psychiatry and internal medicine.
  • Hotels and apartments for patient recovery are considered from a long list of quality indicators focused on impeccable personal comfort, resort amenities, easy access and of course, optimal results.

Obese patients may choose gastric surgeries described as metabolic procedures. At 100 pounds or 45 kilos overweight, the patient’s entire body changes, placing stress and resistance on the heart, circulation, metabolism, joints, organs and digestive system. After having a life-changing surgery to reduce to normal weight, patients no longer suffer from the associated afflictions, like Type II diabetes, metabolic disorders or high blood pressure.

Living at a healthy weight energizes your lifestyle, improves your outlook, and supports long-term health and well-being. Dr. Behrens is the only certified bariatric surgeon in Guatemala, so he can offer the latest techniques in metabolic and gastric surgery to his patients who expect their medical providers to realize their weight-loss goals to the highest global standards.

Gastric sleeve procedure, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a restrictive procedure, as it consists of removing the part of the stomach that produces hormones which causes hunger. When the stomach is reduced in size, the patient eats smaller portions less frequently. They feel fuller for a longer period of time, while the body absorbs fewer calories.

Gastric Bypass is one of the most successful procedures in the world to treat obesity for the long-term. The body absorbs fewer calories allowing the patient to lose weight in a healthier way. This procedure is an anatomical modification of the digestive system and involves cutting the stomach and leaving a small part of it connected to the intestine.

Although Dr. Behrens find the greatest success in treating morbidly obese patients, he regularly performs dozens of other gastric procedures: esophageal anti-reflux surgery, laparoscopic colectomy, hernia repair, and gall stones, to name a few.

Dr. Behrens says, “After your surgery, adopting healthy eating habits, together with exercising regularly, will help you maintain your weight while reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Integrate healthy foods into your diet, because what you eat will affect heart health, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Water helps to control blood pressure, regulate body temperature, and transport nutrients, preventing constipation, and helping to maintain good intestinal health.”

When so many patients regard Dr. Behrens’ surgical skills as life-saving, it’s no wonder they have started an on-line support group to share their own positive experiences, and to invite other patients who might consider having a bariatric procedure. Dr. Behrens says, “When we have these experiences and hear these comments, all of us at New Life Center know that our mission has been accomplished.

Dr. Behrens’ passion for his work, and warm, welcoming outlook make all the difference. We expect medical excellence, but when patients are treated with respect and compassion, it gives us confidence, satisfaction and ultimate success, so that we feel truly blessed.

Professional Affiliations

NEW LIFE CENTER, Instituto Guatemalteco de Cirugía Bariátrica. New Life Center, The Guatemalan Institute of Bariatric Surgery

  • Director Ejecutivo (Fundador), 2000 a la fecha. Founder and Executive Director, 2000 to present

Bariatric Metabolic Surgery Standardization, World Consensus Meeting:  BMSS-Wocome

Annual Convention of Leading Global Innovators in Bariatric, Metabolic and Robotic Surgery. Congreso Anual de Innovadores Mundiales en Cirugía de Bariátrica, Metabólica y Robótica

En Guatemala

Asociación de Cirugía Bariátrica y Metabólica De Guatemala – ACBMG. The Guatemalan Association of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

  • Director Ejecutivo, 2013 a la fecha. Executive Director from 2013 to present
  • Presidente, 2009 al 2013. President, 2009 to 2013
  • Miembro Activo, 2007 a la fecha. Active Member 2007 to present.

Asociación de Cirujanos de Guatemala Guatemalan Association of Surgeons

  • Reconocimiento de 25 años de ser miembro y dedicación constante en la superación académico y científica, competencia y ética en el ejercicio de la cirugía, julio de 2018. Recognition for 25 years of membership and dedication to academic and scientific excellence in his surgical practice, July 2018.
  • Presidente 2006-2007, President 2006 – 2007
  • Vicepresidente, 2005
  • Tesorero, Treasurer, 2003
  • Vocal de la Junta Directiva, 1996

Hospital General San Juan de Dios – HGSJD, Departamento de Cirugía General, Guatemala. General Hospital San Juan de Dios, Guatemala City.

  • Chairman, 4th Surgical Unit, 2002-2005
  • Vice-Chairman, 4th Surgical Unit, 1992-2003

Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos de Guatemala. Guatemalan College of Surgeons and Physicians

  • Colegiado Activo N. 5640, desde 1985. Active Member since 1985

In the United States & Europe, en los Estados Unidos y Europa

International College of Surgeons, Washington, D.C.

  • Fellow in the Specialty of Laparoscopic and Bariatric surgery, 2018

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, FACS.

  • Active Member since 1997. Miembro Activo, desde 1997

Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons, SAGES.

  • Invited Guest Speaker, Seattle, WA, USA, May 2018. Presentor Invitado al Congreso de Seattle, 2018
  • Invited Guest Speaker, London, England, 2017. Presentor Invitado, Londres, Inglaterra, 2017.
  • Active Member. Miembro Activo

International Federation of Societies of Obesity Surgery, IFSO. Federación Internacional de Sociedades de Cirugía de Obesidad

  • Latin American Representative, 2015-2017
  • Capitulo Capítulo Latinoamericano, Director Ejecutivo, 2013 a la fecha. Executive Director from 2013 to present.
  • Active Member since 2003. Miembro Activo desde 2003

Diabetes Surgery Summit – DSS-II

The Diabetes Surgery Summit, an international consensus conference, was convened in collaboration with leading diabetes organizations to develop global guidelines establishing recommendations regarding gastrointestinal operations. They inform clinicians and policymakers about benefits and limitations of bariatric/metabolic surgery to powerfully improve treatment of Type II Diabetes.

La Diabetes Surgery Summit, se convocó en colaboración con las principales organizaciones de diabetes para desarrollar pautas globales que establezcan recomendaciones con respecto a las operaciones gastrointestinales. Esta entidad informa a los médicos y a los legisladores sobre los beneficios y las limitaciones de la cirugía bariátrica / metabólica para mejorar significativamente el tratamiento de la diabetes tipo II.

  • Convention Participant, London, UK, 2015. Asistente al Congreso, Londres, 2015

American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, ASMBS.

  • Member of the International Committee, 2013 to Present. Miembro del Comité Internacional, 2013 a la actualidad.
  • Membership Committee, 2013 to present. Miembro del Comité, 2013 a la actualidad.
  • Active Member. Miembro Activo.

American Hernia Society – AHS

  • Founding Charter Member, Miembro Fundador

Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, SSAT.

  • Active Member, Miembro Activo

Global Organization for Excellence in Health

  • Honorary Doctorate, 2002. Honoris Causa Doctorate, 2002

En América Latina, Latin America

Asociación Latinoamericana de Cirugía Endoscópica – ALACE. Latin American Association of Endoscopic Surgery

  • Director Ejecutivo, 2006-2010. Executive Director, 2006-2010
  • Secretario – Tesorero, 2006. Secretary – Treasurer, 2006
  • Miembro Activo desde 1995. Active Member since 1995

Bolivian Medical College & Bolivian Surgical Society, Cochabamba, Bolivia

  • Honorary Member, 2015

Federación Latinoamericana de Cirugía – FELAC Latin American Federation of Surgery

  • Proctor de Cirugía Laparoscópica Avanzada, 2003 a la fecha. Professor of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, 2003 to present
  • Miembro Activo desde 2000 hasta la fecha. Active Member since 2000

Asociación de Cirugía Bariátrica y Metabólica de El Salvador. El Salvador Society of Bariatric Surgery

  • Miembro Honorario desde 2010. Honorary Member since 2010

Federación de Cirugía de Centroamérica y Panamá -FECCAP

  • Miembro Activo
  • Proctor Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Academic Affiliations

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Weston, Florida, USA

  • Special Training in Laparoscopic Bypass Surgery, 2002. Entrenamiento Especializado Bypass Gástrico Laparoscópico, 2002.

Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA

  • Special Training in Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery, 2000. Entrenamiento Especializado en Bypass Gástrico Laparoscópico, 2000.

Hospital Ángeles del Pedregal, D.F, México.

  • Entrenamiento Especializado en Banda Gástrica Ajustable Laparoscópica, 2000. Specialized Training in Adjustable Lap Band Surgery, 2000

Laparoscopic Institute of South Florida, Miami, Florida, USA Instituto de Laparoscopia de Florida

  • Special Training in Anti-Reflux Laparoscopic Surgery, 1995. Entrenamiento especializado en Cirugía Laparoscópica Anti-reflujo, 1995.

Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA.

  • Special Training in Laparoscopic Surgery, 1991. Entrenamiento especializado en Cirugía Laparoscópica, 1991.

Hospital General San Juan de Dios – HGSJD, Departamento de Cirugía General, Guatemala. General Hospital San Juan de Dios, Guatemala City.

  • Chairman, 4th Surgical Unit, 2002-2005
  • Vice-Chairman, 4th Surgical Unit, 1992-2003
  • Post Grado
  • Jefe de Residentes 6to año, 1990. Chief of Residents, 6th Year, 1989-1990.
  • Galardonado Mejor Residente en Cirugía, cada año 1987-1990. Awarded “Best Surgical Resident”, every year 1987-1990

Universidad de San Carlos – USAC, Facultad de Medicina y Ciencias, Guatemala.

  • Cirugía General, 1999. Specialization is general surgery, 1999

Universidad de Francisco Marroquín – UFM, Facultad de Medicina, Guatemala. UFM Medical School, Guatemala City

  • Promoción.
  • Médico y Cirujano, 1985. General Surgeon, 1985


Bypass Gástrico, explicación por el Dr. Estuardo Behrens
Dr. Estuardo Behrens: Centro de Tratamiento de la Obesidad y el Síndrome Metabólico New Life Center
Dr. Estuardo Behrens: Manga Gástrica
Anatomía del Tracto Gastrointestinal, explicado por el Dr. Estuardo Behrens



Dr. Estuardo Behrens has made more than one hundred presentations at conferences around the world since 1985. He has written 21 scientific articles published in various respected medical journals, including the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, the Revista Guatemalteca de Cirugía, and the Official Journal of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

Medical School textbooks include three chapters written by Dr. Behrens, so that young doctors can benefit from his extensive experience.

Special Interests

Montblanc Connaisseurs – Writing Instruments of Distinction
Montblanc’s tale began with the creation of our Meisterstück fountain pen in 1924. Perfectly handmade with the finest of European craftsmanship, the iconic writing instrument has secured cult status and it has grown to include a variety of magnificent collections. Our precious writing instruments record the moments of your life, each one is meticulously crafted by hand to the finest of Swiss tradition.

  • Honorary President, 2015


The only thing I regret about my weight loss surgery is not having had it before. I always had weight problems, I knew every diet and exercise. Nothing worked for me! I needed a definitive tool and now I am very happy with my life. Three years later, Doctor Behrens and his team have not left me alone. I have maintained my weight and I no longer have diabetes or high blood pressure.

Ingrid Flores, 42 years old, Guatemala

I was feeling dead in my life, so I came to have you operate on me, doctor. You changed my life. Today I have a healthy and satisfying life, just like you promised me.


Charity, Public Service, Donations

Fundación Contra la Obesidad y El Sindroma Metabólica – FUNCOSME. Guatemala
Dr. Behrens participates in medical missions throughout Guatemala to contributes his medical talents at no cost to patients in need of specialized gastric procedures. The foundation is a tribute to his mother, Marlene Estrada de Behrens.