Procedures and Treatments:

Skin Rejuvenation
Regeneration of Skin and Hair
Mesotherapy of face, hair and body
Chemical Peeling
Botox and Hyaluronic Acid
Bioactive Enzymes
Cellular Rejuvenation
Inspection of Moles and Birthmarks
Early Detection of Skin Cancer
Dermatoscopy and skin biopsy
Surgery of moles, cysts, fibroids and tumors
Skin Allergy and Inflammations
Infections from Fungus, Bacteria and Viruses
Acne, scars and Blemishes
Hair loss
Electrocautery and Cryotherapy

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Eva Emperatriz Oliva de Bolaños provides outstanding dermatology services to children and adults who depend on her skills, experience and honesty to give them successful results for medical problems regarding hair, skin and nails. Safe, healthy and innovative treatment methods cure skin infections, regenerate cells and rejuvenate aging skin.

Dr. Oliva began her professional career in 2002 and is now the medical director of the Puntoderma Dermatology Clinic in Las Majadas commercial center of Guatemala City. Dr. Oliva is currently on the Board of Directors of the Guatemalan Academy of Dermatology, and regularly attends international medical conventions throughout Latin America, either as a invited speaker or as a participant in workshops for up-to-date training in the most recent dermatological advances. She is also a faculty member of the medical school of Rafael Landívar University, training graduate students and consulting in their research studies and thesis presentations. Among her patients, students, and other doctors, she is well-respected for being ethical, honest and sincere in both business and personal practices.

For the comfort of her patients, the doctor’s devotion is to maintain your health and beauty in perfect harmony, through medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments. Dr. Oliva spends all the time required to examine and evaluate various aspects of the patient’s health status, knowing that the skin is normally a reflection of underlaying systemic conditions. From integral treatments of routine problems to the resolution of complex cases, patients trust her expertise and guidance. She expertly manages the dermatology problems of newborn babies and of her elderly patients who need extra special attention.

Certain skin conditions are often misdiagnosed and inadequately treated by friends, or even doctors, who are unaware of their nature. In cases of allergies, moles, acne, stretch marks, scars, fungal infections, care of wounds and burns, Dr. Oliva provides regular monitoring, always considering the level of acute or chronic conditions in the skin. Resolution of skin conditions normally rely on conventional treatment guidelines, but Dr. Oliva believes that there will always be an innovative method that solves the problem in a new way.

Various minor surgical procedures are performed by Dr. Oliva at the Puntoderma Clinic every day. Skin cancer is always a concern for patients, so she will take a biopsy (tissue sample) for comprehensive study, so there is no doubt about the cancerous nature of blemishes on the skin. At the clinic, she will remove benign or pre-malignant tumors, or cauterize unwanted spots with cryotherapy. At your first consultation, you will be informed about the importance of protecting your skin from direct sun and artificial ultraviolet rays. Dr. Oliva says, “Using sun block is the best anti-aging protection and should be used every day.”

Dr. Oliva uses the most up-to-date innovative options for anti-aging treatments to regenerate, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. Peels, botulin toxin injection (Botox®), hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy and intra-dermatherapy with biostimulating growth factors renew cells in all the skin layers promoting collagen production. The doctor has recently introduced the use of bioactive enzymes, for localized treatment of cellulite, sagging, scars and stretch marks. The liquid is drained from problem areas with a technique that does not cause pain or irritation. This new method defines the “Art of aging gracefully”.

Dr. Eva Oliva invites anyone with worrisome skin conditions to visit her at Puntoderma, to benefit from her personal commitment to providing high-quality health services in an environment of care, warmth and well-being. She supports each patient with her positive attitude and medical talent, guiding them toward optimal health with clearly defined goals for success.

Professional Affiliations

Puntoderma Clinica Quirúrgica y Cosmética, Practica Privada en Dermatologia, Guatemala. Puntoderma Cosmetic and Surgical Clinic, Private Practice in Guatemala City, since 2008

  • Directora Medica desde 2008

Universidad Rafael Landívar, Facultad de Medicina, Guatemala. University Medical School

  • Docente Cátedra de Dermatología 2009 a la fecha. Dermatology Instructor from 2009 to present
  • Supervisora Académica Hospitalaria, 4º y 6º año pregrado 2012 a la fecha. Supervisor of 4th and 6th year medical students, from 2012 to present.

Universidad de Francisco Marroquín, Instituto de Dermatología y Cirugía de Piel – INDERMA

  • Jefe Unidad de Consulta Externa, Guatemala, 2007-2012

Academia Guatemalteca de Dermatologia y Cirugía de Piel. Guatemalan Academy of Dermatology and Skin Surgery

  • Presidente de Junta Directiva, actual. President of the Board of Directors, 2016-2017
  • Miembro de la Junta Directiva. Member of the Board of Directors, 2012-2018
  • Expositora: “Piel Neonatal”, mayo 2011
  • Expositora: “Tratamiento quirúrgico con punch de foliculitis queloidea nucae”, abril 2008
  • Profesora: XV Congreso Nacional, Guatemala, nov de 2008
  • Expositora: “Hiperqueratosis Epidermolítica”. Guatemala, julio de 2006
  • Expositora: “Pioderma Gangrenoso Atípico Buloso”. Guatemala, marzo de 2006

Sociedad Centroamericana y del Caribe de Dermatología

  • Miembro Activo
  • Conferencista: XXX Congreso, Antigua Guatemala, nov de 2017

Encuentro Dermatológico

  • Participante: “Descubriendo la Ciencia Visible de Eucerin”. Hamburg, Alemania, sept de 2017. Participant: Discovering the Visible Science of Eucerin. Hamburg, Germany, 2017

Congreso Multimédica Interdisciplinaria

  • Attendee. Guatemala, agosto 2017

World Rendezvous on Dermatology

  • Participante IV anual congreso, Ciudad de México, nov de 2016

International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Participant: 11th Annual World Congress, Panama City, Panama, June 2016
  • Presenter: 8th Annual World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology, Cancun, Mexico, Feb. 2012. Expositor: VIII Congreso Mundial de Dermatología Cosmética

Cámara de Comercio de Guatemala – 10º Congreso de Mujeres Líderes Guatemaltecas. Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce – 10th Annual Congress of Guatemalan Women Leaders.

  • Participante, Guatemala, oct de 2015

Colegio Ibero-Latinoamericano de Dermatología – CILAD

  • Miembro Activo
  • Congreso XVI. Expositora: “Tratamiento quirúrgico con sacabocado en Foliculitis Queloidea Nucae”. Cartagena, Colombia, nov de 2005

Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos de Guatemala

  • Miembro Activo Colegiado 12,211
  • Congreso Nacional. Conferencista: “Los Desafíos de la Dermatitis Atópica”, nov 2017
  • Conerencista, Panel Foro: “Actualización en Rejuvenecimiento Facial y Corporal”, ago 2017
  • Congreso Nacional. “El Arte de Rejuvenecimiento Facial”, oct 2015
  • Congreso Nacional. Conferencista, nov 2011
  • Expositadora, Sabado Cientifico: “Micosis Superficiales”abril de 2011
  • Conferencista, Panel Foro: “Encuentros con la Academia y con la Ciencia”, marzo 2011

Congreso Nacional de Dermatología

  • Miembro Comité Organizador 2014, 2016, 2018
  • Presidente Comité Cientifico Organizador, Guatemala, oct 2018
  • Comité Científico Organizador. “Los Retos de la Dermatología de Hoy”, The Challenges of Dermatology Today. nov 2016
  • Comité Científico Organizador. “La piel con un enfoque multidisciplinario”. Multidisciplinary Focus on Skin Care, nov 2014
  • Asistente: Congreso Nacional de Dermatologia Pediátrica. “Abordaje de los problemas dermatológicos en Pediatría”, sept de 2013
  • Expositadora: “Manifestaciones Mucocutáneas de Alteraciones Nutricionales en Adolescentes”, Mucocutaneous Manifestations of Nutritional Alterations in Adolescents. nov 2012.
  • Asistente: XVI Congreso Nacional Unidad Ungueal y Pilosa”, ago de 2010
  • Expositadora: “Enfermedades Papuloescamosas del Adulto”, nov 2008
  • Congresista: Evento Científica Dermatológica, Guatemala, 2003

Congreso Centroamericano y del Caribe de Dermatología

  • Conferencista “Fotoprotección y Fotoeducación”, Guatemala, nov 2017
  • Expositora: “Pioderma Gangrenoso Atípico Buloso”. San Pedro Sula, Honduras, nov 2006
  • Expositora: “Nueva técnica de levantamiento de punta de nariz con toxina botulínica”. San Pedro Sula, Honduras, nov de 2006
  • Primer Lugar Minicasos: Foro de Residentes Pioderma Gangrenoso Atípico Buloso” 2006
  • Congresista: XIII Congreso, Guatemala, nov de 2002

Instituto de Dermatología y Cirugía de Piel – INDERMA, Guatemala

  • Jefe de Consulta Externa Instituto de Dermatología, 2008-2012

Congreso Mundial de Dermatologia Cosmetica. World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Expositadora: “Cosmecéuticos en Acné”, Cancún, México, enero de 2012

American Academy of Dermatology

  • Attendee: 65th annual Meeting Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. 2007

Asociación Guatemalteca de Dermatología Guatemalan Association of Dermatology

  • Asistente: Reunion Internacional, “Aspectos Clínicos y Quirúrgicos de la Patología Ungueal” marzo de 2010. Attendee at the International Meeting. Attendee, International Meeting: Clinical and Surgical Aspects of Ungual Pathology”
  • Asistente: Simposium CILAD Guatemala, 2009 y 2007

Congreso Internacional de Dermatología Cosmética, Laser y Pelo. International Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology, Laser and Hair Procedures

  • Profesora: Mesa Redonda “Procedimientos en Nariz”. Ciudad de Mexico, junio de 2007

Asociación Panameña de Dermatología.

  • Participante: “Jornada de Actualización en Dermatología” Panamá, 2006

Confederación Centroamericana de Asociaciones Científicas de Estudiantes de Medicina- CASOCEM

  • II Congreso. Expositora: “Actualización en Nutrición Clínica”, Guatemala, sept de 1997

Expositora y Congresista en Eventos Medicos y Cientificos:

  • Ecoderma Tikal: “Enfermedad de Bourneville-Pringle” Tikal, Petén, Guatemala, julio de 2005
  • Congreso Centroamericano de Dermatología El Salvador, San Salvador, nov de 2004
  • “Interacciones medicamentosas frecuentes en Dermatología”, Guatemala, nov de 2003
  • Congresista: Congreso Centroamericano de Parasitología y Medicina Tropical, Guatemala, 2003
  • Diplomado de Homotoxicología Nivel I, Guatemala, 2003
  • Congresista: Simposio de Cardiología Pediátrica. Unidad de Cirugía Cardiovascular de Guatemala, 2000
  • Congresista: Enfermedades Pulmonares y Trastornos del Sueño, 1998
  • Congresista: Investigación de Salud Pública y Medicina Preventiva, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, USAC, 1997

Congresista: Congreso Latinoamericano de Medicina Biológica y Terapias Alternativas de Enfermedades Degenerativas, Guatemala, 1996.

Academic Affiliations

Universidad de Francisco Marroquin – UFM.

Instituto de Dermatología y Cirugía de Piel – INDERMA.

  • Docente Postgrado de Dermatología 2008 a la fecha. Professor of Post-Graduate studies in Dermatology, 2008 to Present.
  • Estudios postgrado. Maestría en Dermatología, 2007
  • Jefe de Residentes, Postgrado en Dermatología, 2006-2007
  • Premio Stiefel: “Excelente actitud, compañerismo y desempeño académico durante residencia”, 2007. The Stiefel Award for “Excellent attitude, companionship and academic performance during residency”, 2007
  • Residente Medico, 2004-2006

Universidad de San Carlos – USAC, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Guatemala

  • Licenciatura de Médica y Cirujana, 1996-2002. Medical Degree – Physician and Surgeon.
  • Primer Lugar en Trabajo Libre: Congreso de Investigación, Salud Pública y Medicina Preventiva, 1997. First Place Award in Independent Studies: The Research Congress on Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 1997.
  • Tercer Lugar Trabajos de Investigación. Centro de Investigación de Ciencias de Salud. Award for Research Studies at the Center for Research in Health Sciences – Third place, 1996

Cursos y Talleres de Educación Continua: Continuing Education and Workshop Courses:

  • Academia Guatemalteca de Dermatología y Cirugía de Piel, Sesiones Mensuales, Ciudad Guatemala, 2004 – 2018. Guatemalan Academy of Dermatology and Skin Surgery, Monthly Sessions from 2004 to present.
  • Área Científica Menarini: Actualización en Reumatología, 2011
  • Curso Actualización en Técnicas Didáctica, UFM, 2007
  • Curso Anual de Dermatología Cosmética por La-Roche Posay Laboratoire Pharmaceutique. Guadalajara, México, 2007
  • Taller “Semana de la Belleza” en Intradermoterapia, Peeling Químicos, Toxina Botulínica y Materiales de Relleno; por Unidad de Cirugía Dermatológica, Guatemala, 2007
  • “Nueva técnica de levantamiento de punta de nariz con toxina botulínica”, INDERMA, Guatemala. Noviembre 2006.
  • “Tratamiento quirúrgico con sacabocado en Foliculitis Queloidea Nucae” INDERMA, Guatemala. Noviembre 2005.
  • Manejo de Pie Diabético, Cirugía de Salvamento, Yoghi Ogino, Center for Limb Salvage & Wound Management. Ciudad Guatemala, Diciembre, 2003.
  • “Advanced Wound Care” Curso de Entrenamiento de Johnson & Johnson Medical, 2003
  • Curso Internacional de Flebología; Asociación Guatemalteca de Flebología y Forum Venoso Latinoamericano, 2002.
  • Taller “Manejo de la Gestión de Riesgo como un Instrumento de la
  • Prevención de Desastres” USAC. 2001

Introducción a la Anatomopatologìa y Necropsias Clínicas, Guatemala, 1996.


Anatomy of the Skin
Eczema (atopic dermatitis) - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology
Hyaluronic Acid. How do you use it?



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“Calidad de Vida en Pacientes con Melasma”

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Special Interests

In addition to her profession, Dr. Oliva de Bolaños enjoys clinical photography, a hobby that allows her to document the remarkable progress of her patients dermatological conditions in an artistic fashion. In addition, she created a novel way of educatinig her patients about various skin diseases via the “dermatological cubes” (link to photo gallery). She prints the pictures of various dermatological conditions over the cube’s surface, helping her expose the features of theses diseases.

Dr. Oliva is also a frequent guest speaker at the “Mundo en Tacones (The World in Heels)”, a popular radio talkshow conducted by women, for women. Offering an interesting perspective, distinguished women discuss topics like entrepeneurship, beauty, health and advice for “enjoying the feminine side of life”.  During this space she often talks about how she’s able to manage time between her busy practice, academic activities and family obligations. She enjoys family activities with her two school-aged children and their English bulldog. In the words of Dr. Oliva, “I find that the quality time I enjoy by participating in these extracurricular activities is so rewarding and makes the effort well worth it”.


Please write to us about your experience with the doctor in the “Comments” section below. Other patients will be interested to know more about the doctor’s skill, experience, ethics and personal attention, as they resulted in your successful outcome.

Peer Reviews From Other Doctors

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Charity, Public Service, Donations

Dr. Eva Oliva regularly volunteers in community health medical missions, where she treats low-income patients suffering from skin diseases. She contributes to the prevention of skin cancer by giving educational talks to young people about the importance of protecting your skin against sun damage.

The doctor also participates in the Campaign for the Prevention of Skin Cancer every year, by conducting suspicious spot checks for event visitors in Cayalá, Zone 16 of Guatemala City. This dermatology campaign is promoted by the renowned skin care product manufacturer La Roche-Posay, who recently recognized Dr. Oliva for her valuable contribution.