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Alopecia – Pattern Baldness
Thinning Hair, Hair Loss
Hair and Scalp Specialist
Hair Health Diagnosis and Treatment
Hair Transplantation Surgery
Surgical Hair Replacement
Hair Restoration Procedures
FUE - Follicular Unit Extractions
Cosmetic and Esthetic Hair Replacement
Treatment for Eyebrows, Beard and Chest
Micropigmentation of Hair
Laser Treatments
PRP – Plasma-Rich Platelets
Electromagnetic Stimulation
Ozone Treatments
Scalp and Hair Prosthetics
Non-shave Long Hair Transplantation
Intra-dermic Treatments

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Dr. Marie Andrée Schambach is one of the leading specialists in Central America who treats hair and scalp problems exclusively, focused on hair replacement and restoration. Healthy hair is a significant element of your appearance and self-esteem. Dr. Schambach listens carefully to your concerns and initiates precise scientific analyses, to propose solutions that will restore your confidence in looking your best.

Dr. Schambach has been at the forefront of developing technologically advanced, safe, and innovative solutions to the problem of male and female pattern baldness and scalp disorders. She is a pioneer in the F.U.E (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of body hair transplantation, and she is dedicated to using the highest quality products and treatment methods that boost hair regrowth and promote scalp health. She is in fact, one of the two hair specialists in the world who are capable of performing F.U.E. without “shaving”. This enhanced technique results in significantly better outcomes for her patients.

Globally recognized for her innovative techniques and reliable positive results, Dr. Schambach has been invited and regularly returning, guest speaker at the most prestigious medical conventions and seminars in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

The most common cause of hair loss, alopecia, or pattern baldness in men and women is genetics. A small group of patients struggles with hair problems due to other causes, such as chemotherapy, hormonal imbalance, trauma, scarring, burns, injury, or other conditions that deplete the volume and condition of their hair. In addition, there are hundreds of vitamins and minerals involved in the production of keratin, and the lack or imbalance of these nutrients can also cause a reduction in hair growth. Dr. Schambach will take all these factors into account to develop an individualized therapeutic approach that fits your specific situation.

There are several effective treatment methods to restore your hair’s youthful appearance:

  • Intradermotherapy (IDT) is the application of solutions, minerals, amino acids, or Plasma-Rich Platelets (PRP) underneath the skin, to increase blood circulation and stimulate the follicles.
  • Nanofibers are small fragments of keratin that use electrical charges to bond with each hair to increase the volume of the hair. Nanofibers are safe, with no harsh chemicals, and protect skin from sun damage. A global medical supplier in Miami delivers the highest quality nanofibers to the Schambach Clinic in Guatemala City.
  • Trichopigmentation or Micropigmentation treats only the areas with hair loss, helping to correct scarring and baldness. It is non-invasive and painless and can be used as a complementary procedure to transplants or capillary grafts.
  • Biocompatible Scalp Prosthesis is an exact 3-D replica of the patient’s own head and scalp. It is made with medical-grade components and virgin hair. The system allows the skin to breathe naturally, and stay in place during shampooing, swimming, sauna, and even extreme sports.
  • Minoxidil is a vasodilator, meaning that it increases blood flow to the hair follicles to stimulate growth. It should be applied daily and indefinitely to significantly improve hair density in patients under 40 years old.
  • Hormonal Modulation, Growth Factors, Laser Treatments, Vitamins, and Diet can all be uniquely structured to the patient’s lifestyle, to assure the best possible hair growth results.
    When non-surgical methods are not giving optimum results, then Dr. Schambach might recommend surgery to give the long-term growth solutions that the patient is expecting. Hair transplantation is a serious surgical procedure that requires careful consideration and dedication to complete recovery. Under the guidance of Dr. Schambach, the patient can look forward to having a full head of hair that looks totally natural and seamless.

When surgery is a better choice for you, consider these procedures:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a technique of hair restoration where the follicular units are extracted from the back of the head or any body part and are relocated to the new area. The extracted follicular unit can consist of one to four hairs. It is achieved without using a scalpel or stitches, allowing for faster healing and less discomfort.
  • Mega-session FUE is a larger transplant, of up to 5000 grafts of abundant hair units. The procedure could be done all in one day or carried out over three separate sessions.
  • Restorative Surgery of the Eyebrows and Eyelashes takes healthy hair follicles from different locations on the body and surgically places them at the same growth angle as the natural hair. It is usually performed under local anesthesia, for the patient’s comfort and safety.
  • Restorative Surgery of the Beard is the same concept of follicle relocation but much more refined in its technique and application. During beard restoration surgery, individual hairs of similar denseness and rigidity are extracted and implanted at a precise orientation with a tiny incision, to mimic natural growth.

Dr. Marie Schambach combines cutting-edge technology with brilliant craftsmanship. Her surgical skills, and expert vision of beauty and balance assure that her patients receive voluminous results with flawless style.

Professional Affiliations

Schambach Medical Group, Guatemala City, Central America

  • Directora Médica desde 2011 Medical Director since 2011

World Live Surgery Workshop – WLSW, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery – ISHRS

  • Invited Guest Speaker, Dubai, UAE, March 2018. Conferencista Invitada

Universidad Panamericana, Guatemala

  • Catedrática Módulo Cirugía Capilar y La Maestría de Medicina Estética. Professor of Hair Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Sociedad Internacional de Cirugía de Restauración de Cabello

  • Faculty Member at Orlando Live Surgery Workshop (OLSW 21), April 2017. Catedrática Invitada.
  • Conference Attendee, every year 2010-2016. Meetings in Alaska, Brussels, Vancouver, Chicago, Bahamas, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Asistente.
  • Guest speaker on FUE-FUT procedure. Conferencista Invitada
  • Guest Speaker: Beard and Eyebrow Reconstruction. Conferencista Invitada
  • Grant Awarded: “The efficacy of autologous platelet rich plasma on non-transplanted miniaturized hair in different Norwood scale grades of Androgenic Alopecia”. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2014. Receptora de beca para Proyecto de investigación.
  • Active Member since 2010. Miembro Activo desde 2010

Asociación de Medicina Estética y Anti-Aging de Guatemala – ASEMEG

  • Co fundadora y secretaria, desde 2015. Co-Founder and Secretary since 2015
  • Conferencista Invitado cada año. Invited Guest Speaker every year
  • Miembro activo, desde 2015 Active Member since 2015

Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos de Guatemala

  • Miembro Activo desde 2005. Active Member of the Guatemalan College of Physicians and Surgeons since 2005.

Societa Italiana per la Cura e Chirurgia della Calvizie – ISHR Italian Society for Hair Science and Restoration

  • Guest Speaker, Annual Meeting, 2017. Conferencista Invitada
  • Guest Speaker at the 42nd Congress, Italy, 2016. Conferencista Invitada
  • Attendee at XV International Congress of Advancing in Hair Restoration, Syracuse, Italy. 2014. Asistente.

Sociedad Iberoamericana de Trasplante de Cabello – SILATC

  • Vicepresidenta electa para período 2017-2018. Elected Vicepresident from 2017 to 2018.
  • Asistente del Congreso Conference attendee, Las Vegas, USA, 2017
  • Miembro del comité organizador Organizing committee member, Las Vegas, USA, 2016
  • Miembro Activo. Active Member since 2015

European Society of Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE

  • Guest Speaker at the Annual Meeting Brussels, Belgium, 2016. Conferencista Invitada
  • Active Member since 2015. Miembro Activo.

International Hair Restoration Platform – IHRP

    • Guest Speaker, Hair Loss Patient-Surgeon Conference, 2016. Conferencista Invitada.
    • Guest Speaker, Hair Loss Patient-Surgeon Conference, 2015. Conferencista Invitada.
  • Latin-American Representative and Active Member since 2012. Miembro y Representante para Latinoamérica desde 2012

Hospital Multimedia, Guatemala,

  • Congreso Interdisciplinaria, Asistente y Presentor invitado.
  • Interdisciplinary Convention – Attendee and Guest speaker, 2015

Universidad Panamericana, Guatemala, Guatemala

  • Lecturer in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Therapies, Docente en la Maestría Medicina Estética y Terapias Anti-Aging 2014.

Academic Affiliations

Cesare Ragazzi Academy, Bologna, Italia

  • Fellowship in Trichology 2014-2016. Tricología

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery – ISHRS, Boston, MA

  • Hair Restoration Surgery, Fellowship Course, 2010-2011. Cirugía Restaurativa Capilar

Universidad el Rosario Bogotá, Colombia

  • Medicina Estética, 2005-2008. Degree in Aesthetic Medicine, 2008

Universidad de Francisco Marroquin, Facultad de Medicina, Guatemala. UFM Medical School, Guatemala City

  • Titulo de Medico y Cirujano, 2005. Surgical Degree, 2005
    • Primera estudiante en recibir beca: “Dr. Rafael Minondo” por resultados académicos y humanísticos.
    • Presidente del Consejo Estudiantil 2001-2003. President of the Student Council.
  • Asociación de Estudiantes de Medicina (ADEM) Miembro 1997 a 2000. Member of the Medical Students Association.


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What is alopecia areata, symptoms and treatments in Guatemala - Dra. Schambach



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Comparative Microscopic Lesions in Grafts Extracted by FUE Method with Rotatory and Oscillatory Forces.

  • by Dr. Marie Schambach. Grant awarded by WAW Industries, 2016

Cranial Prosthetics: When Medical and Surgical Therapies Are Not a Viable Solution

  • by Dr. Marie Schambach. Grant awarded by The Cesare Ragazzi Academy, 2015.

The Efficacy of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma on Non-Transplanted Miniaturized3 Hair in Different Norwood Scale Grades of Androgenetic Alopecia

  • by Dr. Marie Schambach. Grant awarded by ISHRS, 2014

El Trasplante Capilar como Indicación en Cirugías Restaurativas de Microtia

  • by Dr. Marie Schambach. In progress in 2017

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Hi Marie… I just want to thank you for everything. I’m surprised by the excellent service that I received at your clinic and at Multimedica.

Tommy Meza

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