Úlitimas noticias de coronavirus en Guatemala

Resumen informativo de los acontecimientos respecto al COVID-19


Acontecimientos respecto a la situación del coronavirus en Guatemala: 14 de marzo de 2020: El Presidente Dr. Alejando Giammattei ha decretadado, basado en el «Estado de Calamidad» que a partir del lunes 16 de febrero, entrarán en vigor las siguientes normativas: Se suspenden clases en escuelas, colegios y universidades, públicos y privadas por los próximos 21…

Síntomas de Coronavirus

Síntomas, medidas de protecición, diagnóstico y tratamiento de coronavirus en Guatemala

coronavirus en guatemala

SÍNTOMAS DE CORONAVIRUS De acuerdo al estudio “Clinical Characteristics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in China”, en el cual fue analizada la información de 1,099 pacientes con diagnóstico confirmado de COVID-19 , los síntomas más comunes en los  fueron:   Fiebre (88% )  Tos (69%)  Fatiga (38%) Flema o Esputo (34%) Dificultad para respirar (19%)  En un menor porcentaje…

Sinusitis: Causas, Síntomas, Prevención y Tratamiento

Infórmate sobre la sinusitis, desde la perspectiva de un médico especialista en Guatemala

tratamiento de la sinusitis en guatemala

Practicing Medicine in The Time of The Internet

By Dr. Luis Miguel Zetina Toache, Cáncer Consultants Guatemala

Inicié mi consulta temprano, como Oncólogo clínico que soy esperaba una mañana complicada por el tipo de enfermedad que enfrento, siento la necesidad de interactuar adecuadamente con mis pacientes para que se sientan confortables y optimistas ante noticias no siempre muy agradables. El primer paciente llegó con cuatro familiares, lo cual, en lo particular, a…

The Future of Medical Travel

How you can find the best Doctors and Dentists in Guatemala and Central America

In our emerging collaborative economy, buyers can source from hundreds of countries, not just in their hometown. The greatest value of user-friendly websites like Amazon.com and Airbnb.com is their ability to build trust between strangers to initiate brisk commerce, new friendships and enriching experiences, around the world and in real time. Imagine learning everything about…

Medical Travel Services Help Local Guatemalans

Guatemala Medical Travel newsletter, August 2016

Most Guatemala Medical Travel clients arrive from other countries, but sometimes we have a request from loved ones or guardians to care for local residents who may not have the contacts or resources to navigate the top-notch private hospital system by themselves. After Sr. Perez, a resident of San Marcos Guatemala, suffered an industrial accident…

Cardiology Procedures in Guatemala

Regulating the electrical rhythm of your heart

Just like the kitchen is the heart beat of your home, the blood pumped from your heart muscle delivers sustenance, stability and the elements of reconstruction to all parts of your body. Your cardiovascular system draws life-giving oxygen from the lungs and delivers it to the brain and organs in a perfectly balanced structural design.…

Buying Medical Care vs. Buying Medical Insurance

Maintaining healthy bodies and minds is a serious responsibility that requires careful consideration in both our daily lifestyle choices and our long-term financial decisions. We exercise and eat well, drive safely and pay for our health insurance every month. But medical expenses are increasing at 8-20 percent per year while our incomes are not, and…

It Can Happen to Anyone, At Any Time and Without Warning

My own medical adventure in Guatemala

The subject matter was fascinating. Dr. Zetina was presenting detailed clinical reviews of complex cancer cases recently brought before the newly-formed “Tumor Board” of the top-notch oncology specialists, in alliance with Hospital El Pilar in Guatemala City. I need to know all about these important developments in order to accurately inform my clients and to…

Stem Cell Therapy

The future of curing disease and restoring youth

Your body is in a constant state of renewal. With every breath you take, the stem cells inside your body are renewing and regenerating themselves. These seemingly miraculous cells have the ability to transform themselves into brand new healthy cells to replace the sick or worn out cells in your muscles, organs, tissues, brain, glands,…